aboutMy name is Vicky and I’m a writer and illustrator. Hitherto Mac-only, I got my first tablet PC in 2004, and was hooked. As a kid, I loved to use drawing toys: Spirograph, Etch-a-Sketch, Magic Slate (those wax things with the plastic sheet), and of course, Woolly Willy, where you drew with a magnet. So it’s no surprise I’d be “drawn” to tablets. My goal with this site is to help readers like you figure out which is the right tablet for you.

I’m available to answer any tablet questions and take review requests where possible. Ask in the comments or use this comment form on the Contact page if you prefer.

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  1. Clifford Grosvenor

    wanting to buy my wife a tablet capable of being used to draw and paint pictures whilst on the move! not fixed to a computer. Can you please help with a few suggestions. Many Thanks.

    1. tablet@tabletsforartists.com Post author

      Hi, probably the easiest kind is iPad Pro (have to buy Apple Pencil for it)–the 12.9″ one is a better size–or aSamsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen. Or, if you want to run Windows, Surface 3 or Surface Pro 3 or 4. But depends on budget and what exactly you want to do–which software you want to use, especially. On the comparison chart on this site, look for Windows tablets, tablet PCs, or Android tablets (as well as the iPad Pro). All the tablets on this site have the art features you would want.


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