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58 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. phil

    If you had choice of a Yoga 720 or 920 (for use with Corel Painter & Rebelle), which would you buy ?
    ( 920 with i7 8550, 16 RAM, UHD display )

    1. Vicky Post author

      If the price doesn’t matter then I’d get the 920 because it has a slightly larger screen and some things, such as the hinge, are a little nicer. The 720 color is a little better but not enough to sway toward it for that.

  2. Michelle Roch

    I dropped my Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen IPAD. When I plug it in, it shows me clearly that it works.
    When I take out the plug, the screen is black and I cannot get it to work. Help!!

    1. Vicky Post author

      Hi, wow sorry. Sounds like maybe the battery got damaged or jogged. Can you take off the back? Even if you do, it may be hard to see what exactly happened. If you’ve tried rebooting it a few times and that didn’t help, then I think it’s best to take it to a repair shop or send it back if under warranty. Or try the Samsung Support Forum, maybe someone there can help.

  3. Padi Phillips

    Okay, for those of you looking for a Linux driver for the Parblo Coast 22 or the Monoprice 22 I have found a driver that works! I contacted Mio Iwakura who had been working on his own driver for the Monoprice, but had discovered that someone else had been working on a driver that was better. This can be found here:

    Simply follow the directions contained in the file and you will be good to go. however, if you have a multi monitor set up, you will need the PTXConf utility mentioned earlier on this thread, it does work, but it needs to be loaded every time, as the install command throws an error. I’ve e-mailed the author of the utility, but haven’t heard back yet, but I only e-mailed some 5 minutes ago, so I expect a wait of a couple of days.

    So far I’ve tested MyPaint, Gimp and Krita and all work, though the eraser tool doesn’t work, but that’s quite common, and not really an issue if the Ctrl + Z keyboard shortcut is used, and in Gimp there is an eraser tool anyway.
    I’m so pleased that I’ve managed to get my Parblo Coast 22 working natively on Linux, and am glad to be able to spread the joy!

    1. Post author

      That one does not take an active stylus. So you could use any regular stylus, such as one that would work on an iPad. I suggest you check out this post about iPad styluses, as most of these, unless specified, can be used with Windows as well. If you want pressure sensitivity, some of these achieve it via Bluetooth. Another option would be to use the computer with a graphics tablet. If you have more questions, let me know.

  4. Padi Phillips

    Interesting to see so many wanting to use these pen monitors on Linux. I am in the same boat, having just bought a Parblo Coast 22, which seems to be very similar to both the Monoprice and Bosto 22 inch products, indeed, whilst delving into the Bosto users forum I came across some information about using these devices on Linux, though I haven’t yet had any success. In the case of the Parblo Coast 22 and also, I suspect, the Monoprice and Bosto products, a Hanwang Bejing Technologies Ltd digitiser is used. They make the Hanvon range of graphics tablets, for which there is a driver that works well, and indeed, confirmation that Parblo use a Hanvon digitiser was gained when I tried out the Parblo pen on the Hanvon tablet I have owned for a couple of years – it worked, and to further confirm, I used the Hanvon pen on the pen monitor running under Windows, and that worked.

    I have tried installing the Bosto driver, but so far without success. The tablet monitor is ‘seen’ by Linux when I run an lsusb or demesg command in a terminal, so it’s not a case of the device not being recognised. Also, Linux Wacom lists Hanwang as being supported.

    Given all of the above, it seems to me that it shouldn’t be too difficult to get these devices working well on Linux, (my old Hanvon works well, with pressure sensitivity and everything) the only slight fly in the ointment is that the driver needs reinstalling after every kernel change – a two minute job, but nonetheless niggling.

    I’m going to have a go at something that, I hope, will force the use of the Wacom linux driver, as I’m informed that non Wacom devices are bound to the evdev drivers.

    I’m determined to get this lovely pen monitor working on Linux, as I am distinctly unhappy at the thought of having to boot into Windows, with all the issues that involves, in order to use this pen monitor. One person, who used to maintain an Ubuntu ppa for the Hanvon driver I wrote to replied suggesting that perhaps a bit of a concerted campaign on the Linux Wacom mailing list might grab the attention of someone who could help, as I’m guessing that everyone commenting here is in a similar position to me; that they want to use their pen monitors on Linux, but are just stumped as to how.


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