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2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Artists

2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Artists

Many feel the greatest gift would be for 2020 to be over! I have to concur. I don’t know about you art has gotten me through these long days. I’ve joined drawing challenges, taken online classes, and done Zoom life drawing. I’ve even gotten back into watercolors.

If your artist (who perhaps is yourself!) tends to suffer from attention-span chaos, this is a good time to take a step back and look at what would help with creative projects.

Some goodies to make an artist’s life easier can make the bitter memories of 2020 just a little sweeter both for the giver and receiver.

iPad or iPad Pro

Who wouldn’t want an iPad or iPad Pro as a gift? And now that you don’t have to spring for an iPad Pro to get use of the Apple Pencil, it’s considerably more affordable to gift this amazing art tool. (The Apple Pencil is still sold separately). We prefer the 12.9, which is the largest, for drawing, though the smaller sizes are good too.


XPPen Artist 13.3 Pro Holiday Edition


This affordable tablet monitor has a pen that gives you 8192 levels and tilt.


Need cards for ANY occasion? Greeting Card Universe has cards for everything you can think of. Artists you can also join for free and open their own card store.

Affinity Photo, Designer, and Publisher

Affinity programs are for Mac and they also make these programs for iPad. If you don’t want the expense of subscribing to Adobe, these are great substitutes and they have full CMYK.

Samsung Galaxy Tab with S Pen

This Samsung Galaxy Tab with S Pen is powerful, lets you add a memory card, offers pressure-sensitive, Wacom-powered drawing, and it comes with the pen.

iPad Sleeve

iPad accessories are always welcome. Your artist really needs something to carry that portable art studio around in! This iPad Sleeve is attractive and highly rated. (Etsy)

see best iPad and Android styluses


Veikk S640

best small tablet for drawing

A small, inexpensive, ultrathin graphics tablet that’s just plain smooth to use. See our Veikk S640 review

Art Socks

Who doesn’t need Art Socks with Edvard Munch and other famous artists? Then you can scream all the way from your toes. This gift is fun and affordable.


The XBox One X 1TB console

The XBox One X 1TB console (or games and accessories if they already have one) will provide the needed adrenaline to stay up drawing.

Boogie Board LCD Writing and Drawing Board

Draw freely on the Board!

LCD boards are fun for kids and all ages. (I admit I’m addicted.) There are some where you can upload your drawings from the device, and others that are simpler (such as the this one).


Zero-waste kits

If you or your artist want to live a greener lifestyle, look into these cool kits from the Package-free Shop designed to lower what you throw out.

Selfie ring light

Once they know what a selfie ring light is, who doesn’t need one? This one attaches to a mobile phone and there are some you need a tripod for. Great for Zoom calls or just finding stuff you dropped under the covers while scrolling through your phone.

Rebelle 3 natural painting art program

Escape Motion’s Rebelle 3 is an art program with realistic dripping paint and other convincingly natural effects–pretty cool. For Mac and Windows (you get both when you buy the program). You can try out a demo version.

Some useful online freebies:

Wrist stretching video

This wrist stretching video really gives those hardworking drawing wrists a break! The site has a lot of other workouts too, all free. (Hasfit)

Great movies

All you need is a library card or go to a participating college or university. Kanopy Films

(A library card also often gets you free access to courses!)

Unlimited free video conferencing

Jitsi Meet is a free, secure, open-source alternative to Zoom. You can have up to 75 people and there’s no time limit. So give your friends and family the gift of uninterrupted video calls.