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Infographic: The five types of drawing tablet

The Five Types of Drawing Tablet

Here is an infographic depicting the five types of art tablet–graphics, 2-in-1, slate, convertible, and tablet monitor. Below is more info as well as an embed code if you would like to share the infographic on your site or blog. Also below it is a pin if you would like a Pinterest-sized pin to share.

5 types of drawing tablet

By art tablet, we mean tablets with pressure sensitivity and palm rejection, making them suited for drawing, painting, and handwriting.

For an introductory article about art tablets, please see this post.

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An example of a graphics tablet would be a Huion 610 Pro or Wacom Intuos. An example of a slate tablet is the Galaxy Tab A with S Pen or an iPad Pro. A Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 14 is a convertible tablet. The TabPro S and Surface Pro 4 are 2-in-1s. A tablet monitor would be the XP Pen 22 or the Cintiq 13HD.

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