NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1 released: a tablet for gamers

NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 just released

It’s baaaaackkk!  The NVIDIA Shield K1 has just been released following the recall of the old NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet for fire-hazard issues. This time though, just the 16GB model, and it’s bring your own stylus. This tablet is aimed at gamers and has a Tegra processor that makes it really fast, faster than other Android tablets. The art app Dabbler that came in the first version provides real-time dripping paint effects, so you can do a mini Jackson Pollack Action Painting.

nvidia shield tablet k1

This time there’s no micro-USB, charger, or stylus included: It’s bring your own accessories. This has allowed the company to introduce it with a far lower price than the last version. But even if it lacks both a stylus and a slot for it, this version still compatible with the Shield DirectStylus 2, which offered sort of an artificial yet effective pressure sensitivity.

At 8″ it’s a little bit small to draw on, but at least lag shouldn’t be an issue.


8 inches
1920×1200 pixels
2.2 GHz Tegra K1 192-core NVIDIA Kepler CPU
2.2 GHz quad-core CPU
16 GB storage
Wifi (no LTE)
Android 5.0 Lollipop
Weight 12.5 ounces
8.80 x 5 x 0.36 inches
mini HDMI port
micro SD port takes card of up to 128 GB

It can be turned into a gaming console with the SHIELD controller (optional) and also has an optional kickstand.

Best of all, the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet is very affordable and considerably less than the last version. They are not including the stylus, the Shield DirectStylus 2 with this release, but you can buy it separately.

See the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1 on Amazon.

See the Shield DirectStylus 2.

For more info on the art capabilities, please see this related post.



3 thoughts on “NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1 released: a tablet for gamers

  1. aspekt

    A bit confused as to what games for Android require a high powered machine?

    I run MinecraftPE, Bard Tales, and others with no issues on my GNOTE 10.1.

    May I assume a slew of awesome much higher end games are coming out for Android? That would make me happy.


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