NVIDIA Shield 2 reported for 2016: gaming tablet, Dabbler art app

NVIDIA Shield 2 gaming tablet powers its own painting app

NVIDIA Shield 2 gaming tablet reportedly coming in 2016 keeps the Dabbler art app

nvidia shield tablet

NVIDIA Shield Tablet

As you may or may not have heard, the popular NVIDIA Shield Tablet (see on Amazon) was recalled last year because of battery problems (the battery was a possible fire hazard). Customers with the recalled units could get a free replacement. The NVIDIA shield has a fast Tegra processor and has been marketed primarily as a gaming tablet; however, Nvidia makes its own art app, Dabbler, that took advantage of its graphics acceleration to offer effects such as realistically-dripping paint. The stylus is the NVIDIA  DirectStylus 2.


The pressure sensitivity in the NVIDIA SHIELD is not like Wacom, N-trig, or Synaptics. It’s not even an active digitizer at all. Rather, the processor can read how hard you’re pressing the rubber tip of the Direct Stylus. And it actually works, though not quite to the level of a real active digitizer. Still, it’s a pretty darn good sketchbook. Dabbler’s effects menu includes drawings, watercolors, and oils.

Here’s a video of the NVIDIA Dabbler art app with Direct Stylus 2.


Now, reports are saying that a sequel is coming out, the Nvidia Shield 2. Like the original, it will run on Android and have the latest Tegra processor, the Tegra x1. It will have an 8″ display.  THe battery life for non-gaming is said to run 10 hours, with half that for gaming. The rumored list price will be $299. (The original is still for sale in two sizes and prices on the NVIDIA site.) You’d also be able to use other Android art apps.

If you have one of the NVIDIA Shield Tablets facing recall and have not yet returned it to NVIDIA, go to this page on their site that has info about the recall.

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