Paint Tool Sai and XP-Pen troubleshooting

The following is from XP-Pen, for users who are having cursor trouble with Paint Tool Sai. They have given me permission to share this free download of SAI for users who are having issues. (I’m going to remove it end of March, but can send it to users on request if they are having trouble with their XP-Pen and Sai.

Note: if your issue is that you’re using a pen that has an eraser tip and the eraser tip doesn’t work with SAI but that’s the only problem you’re having,, then the link won’t solve your problem. SAI is not on the list of programs that work with the eraser tip.

1.     SAI only supports windows version.

2.     Actually, SAI has a lot of bugs and the users question there are 2 ways “maybe” can solve them.

Method 1. Use this installation of SAI:

(please contact me for the link, it is free)

Download it from Google Cloud. When the download is complete, please EXTRACT then open the folder to run SAI.exe. Try to test this version cans solve users question.

b.     If this doesn’t work, please follow the FAQ below about how to setup SAI, please see the attachment.

Method 2. If the download of SAI above does not solve the issue, please follow these instructions:

Q: My tablet won’t work with Paint Tool SAI; the cursor will not move at all. Other creative software does not have this issue.

A: Please follow these directions:

    1. Ensure that all tablet drivers, including your XP-Pen driver, are uninstalled completely. To do this, open Start >> Control Panel >> Programs and Features and check your programs list. Reboot your computer after uninstalling any tablet software.
    1. After rebooting, click “Start,” then search for “Tablet preferences.” If you find a match, you still have tablet software installed; please repeat step 1.
    1. Reinstall your tablet’s latest driver from the Support >> Downloads section of our website. Reboot once more.
    1. Ensure that your tablet functions correctly in software other than SAI.
    1. Open your SAI installation path, then open “misc.ini” in a text editing program such as Notepad.
    1. Scroll down to “TabletMouseSimulation.”paint tool sai troubleshoot7.
    1. If it is set to 0, please change it to 1, then save and exit.8.
    1. If it is set to 1, please change it to 0, then save and exit.9.
  1. Open SAI and test for the issue.
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28 thoughts on “Paint Tool Sai and XP-Pen troubleshooting

  1. DNDC

    Ok listen to me. I have a XP-PEN Artist 22Pro, and I tried everything I saw on YouTube and other webs to no avail: the cursor didn’t even move, and if it moved there was no pressure at all; but Vicky here send me their version of paint tool SAI, and everything was solved. Magic haha what a happy day to be alive. I must apologize for answering so late, but as they said, better late than never I guess.
    Thanks again to Vicky for beign a life saver, and a nice person that’s keeping this web. *hug*

    TL;DR: The Paint Tool Sai of this site works 😀

  2. Mythterious

    I’m having a different problem.
    I have the XP Pen Artist 12 tablet and am using Paint Tool Sai.
    My problem is that, for some reason, the erase button doesn’t function as an erase button. It just functions the same as the pen tip, but with little to no pressure sensitivity. I though that if I switched to the eraser tool while using the eraser end, it would keep that as the eraser. But when I switch back to the pen tip, its still the eraser. I’ve tried a bunch of things, but I can’t figure out how to fix it.

      1. Emily

        Hello! I bought sai a long time ago and I just got the xp pen artist 12 a couple months ago. I’m having the same problem with my eraser tip not working as an eraser.
        I was wondering if I could get the link to your version of sai? Perhaps it could solve my problem.

        Another question as well, will I have to uninstall my current version of sai that I paid for in order to download this one?
        Thank you in advance!


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