New Dell Active Pen and Stylus: Wacom ES for New Venue 8 and 10 Pro

New Dell Active Pen and Dell Active Stylus: New Venue 8 Pro and Venue 10 Pro get Wacom ES

Dell unveiled revamped Venue 8 and 10 tablets at CES 2016 in January. They included the New Venue 8 Pro 5000, now with a Wacom ES digitizer and the New Dell Venue 10 Pro (5055) and Venue 10 (5050).

“New” is part of the name of the New Venue 10 Pro, but not part of the name of the revamped Venue 10, though they refer to it as  a ‘new’ Venue 10 with a lower-case “n” in the product info. Sigh. So, in with the New.

These new models are  currently sold only through Dell.

New Venue 8 Pro 5000 (see at


Dell New Venue 8 Pro

The New Venue 8 Pro comes in 32 and 64GB storage and 2GB and 4GB RAM, runs Windows, and has an Atom processor and 8″ screen.


Dell Active Pen

The New Venue 8 Pro 5000 (5855) now uses  a Wacom ES pen, the Dell Active Pen. See it on The pen is sold separately. You cannot use the Dell Active Stylus from the old Venue Pro line on the New Venue Pro line. The old ones used Synaptics tech and Dell has now switched over to Wacom and is using the term “pen” rather than “stylus.”


Manufacturer Part# : N1DNK
Dell Part# : 750-AAMI

The Dell Active Pen is also compatible with some other Dell 2-in-1 laptops and tablets. It uses Bluetooth and takes an AAAA battery and 319-type coin-cell batteries. It has an LED light that indicates pairing. Its tip is 3 mm, which is still pretty fine-tipped.

Here is the list of compatible Dell devices:

Inspiron 7568, Latitude 11 5715, Latitude 11 5179, Latitude 7275, Venue 10 Pro 5056, Venue 8 Pro 5855, and XPS 12 9250.

The new system is an improvement over the old Venue Pro line. The new one has 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity and good palm rejection.

New Dell Active Stylus for New Venue 10 Pro

There’s also a new Dell Active Stylus, the 750-AAIZ, (click to see it on Amazon) for the also-revamped Venue 10  (5050) and Venue 10 Pro (5055). “New” is not part of the name of the stylus. Same name, different stylus than the old one. Double sigh.

Wish they could at least call it “Dell Active Stylus 2” or something–they already caused heaps of confusion with the three versions of Dell Active Stylus for the old Venue Pro. Maybe “Son of Dell Active Stylus”? If you’re confused now, try finding info on their site–it’s a haystack! So I’ve compiled the relevant info in this post.



The new “universal” Wacom Bamboo Smart Stylus, a Wacom ES pen, will work on the Venue 10 5000 Series (5050) and the Venue 10 Pro 5000 Series (5055). That one comes with two swappable tips, one firm and one soft. Since the tablets don’t come to a pen, you could get this one instead, then you would have the two tips.

Even though the new Dell pens are both Wacom ES, they are not interchangeable.

Here’s the Bamboo Smart Stylus on the Wacom site.


dell active pen 5055

New Dell Venue 10 Pro (5055)

The New Dell Venue 10 Pros also have 2GB and 4GB models with a 10.1″ screen.

These tablets, which run on Atom processors, are for sale only at Dell. See them

See our review of the old Venue 8 Pro

Comparable: Asus VivoTab Note 8
Toshiba Encore 2 Write
Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen

new Dell tablets use Wacom digitizers and have new Dell Active Pen and Dell Active Stylus
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new Dell tablets use Wacom digitizers and have new Dell Active Pen and Dell Active Stylus
The New Dell Venue 8 Pro and New Dell Venue 10 Pro tablets now use Wacom ES digitizers instead of the Synaptics digitizers of the old ones. Dell has released the Dell Active Pen and the Dell Active Stylus for these. Wacom offers increased levels of pressure sensitivity and accuracy for note-taking and drawing.
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8 thoughts on “New Dell Active Pen and Stylus: Wacom ES for New Venue 8 and 10 Pro

    1. Post author

      Hi, it’s impossible to say for sure without trying it, since it depends on drivers, but these pens SHOULD work: Huawei Matepen 02452047, Lenovo Thinkpad Active Capacitive PEN 4X80H34887, Wacom Bamboo Smart. These are all Wacom ES like the Latitude. I have specifically heard that the Huawei one works well on the Latitude.

  1. Mithun

    Dell Active Pen – PN556W works with Dell Venue 8 Pro 5830. Learnt this from Dell Support desk.

    I am now confused whether to buy Active Pen or Active Stylus for my Venue 8 Pro 5830.

    Please suggest. I will use it mostly for notes taking and basic diagrams. I had been waiting since 3 years to get a good stylus. I definitely don’t want Synaptics.

  2. Adam

    whether the Dell Active Pen is working on Dell Venue 10 pro (5055)? And it really have 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity?


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