News from Tablet Pro Windows app

A word from Tablet Pro Windows app

Tablet Pro app will be adding new features. The app will be on sale before prices goes up Dec. 4.

… posting this for my buddy Justice over at Tablet Pro. Tablet Pro is an app available in the Windows store that provides a robust on-screen menu for artists. It lets you stop using your keyboard and mouse and just use your screen.

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They’re going to add features like pen-button remapping, layout switching and more. Because of all the new features and their concentration on this app, they’re going to increase the price. But if you get it before next Monday Dec. 4th, it will be discounted.

This is one of the very few Windows apps out there for tablet artists. If you have a Surface Pro or other tablet PC, it’s well worth a try.

Here’s the update:

Next Monday we are going to be changing our pricing. The new price of the total package will be $54.99. This is a big jump and I’d like to explain our thinking.

In order to further develop Tablet Pro, we need to increase our funding. I believe the end goal is to have the best software possible, that means adding a number of exciting new features (like automatic layout switching, built in pen button remapping, custom button colors and a host of new awesome improvements)

Here is the idea for the price change. We are wanting to increase revenue while doing our best to give our users the best possible deal.

Pricing will look like this next Monday. Artist Pad $19.99 (doubles in price) Fullscreen and Gesture $14.99 ($5 additional) Touchzoomdesktop $9.99 Gamepad $9.99 ($5 additional) Total Price Valued @ $54.99  Full package bundle price $34.99

This is a good discount for the whole package. Most of the time however, we plan on putting the discounted full package price at a steeper discount at $27.49 (50% off for a limited time). In practical terms this is a price increase of $1.50 over the current full package price of $25.99.  We feel that this price will more effectively convince new users to opt for the whole package with more confidence in its value.

So, why am I telling you? It occurred to me that some of our current users may have bought one or part of our software and upgrading from a single purchase to the Full package doesn’t make sense as the price doesn’t adjust to compensate for your previous purchase.

So this week only we are doing the Full Package for $9.99  It’s important to me that we honor and do our best to treat our current and future users well. I hope this pricing change makes sense to you. Our goal is to increase profits enough for Takashi to make improving Tablet Pro his full time job. This will benefit all of us greatly.

Please share this sale with as many people as possible (Reddit) and any news sites or social communities you feel would post an article. We want to grow and continue to develop Tablet Pro at an increased speed for everyone’s benefit!

Thank you for being a fantastic community to serve, Justice Frangipane

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